Campfire Changelog


  • Sanitize OpenGraph content to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Improve system font stack on Windows.
  • Improve appearance and behavior of scroll bars on Windows.
  • Prevent signature verification errors with @mentions when restoring backups between different devices.
  • Isolate message rendering failures to ensure a problematic message does not prevent the rest of the room from rendering.
  • Fix a bug where the share button links use “” instead of the application’s domain.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Ensure syntax highlighting is not lost when a message is edited.
  • Validate content type of OpenGraph images before rendering.
  • Disallow image tags in message body in order to guard against malicious image payloads.
  • Fix an issue where the sidebar tools is blurred in Safari 17.3.


Features & changes:
  • Add automatic syntax highlighting for code blocks.
  • Add an up-arrow shortcut to edit your last message.
  • Bot API: include room and message paths in webhook payload.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Use Thruster gem, rather than vendored version.
  • Add smaller logo variant in application manifest.
  • Ensure attachment filename is properly escaped when displayed during upload.
  • Ensure only a single connection refresh timer runs at a time.
  • Fix issue where opening the app would not reliably return to the last visited room.
  • Guard against DNS rebind attacks when creating link previews.
  • Use unguessable tokens in avatar URLs to prevent discovery via enumeration.
  • Ensure messages scroll fully into view when editing in Chrome.
  • Don’t broadcast room updates to users who aren’t members of the room.


Fix confusing iconography in flash messages.


  • Add the Chat Bot API: you can now create chat bots for your Campfire instance using a simple HTTP API for sending and receiving messages and attachments.
  • Add Custom CSS: you can now enter your own CSS styles to modify the appearance of your Campfire instance.
  • Add a warning style to messages that fail to send due to network or server errors.
  • Improve accessibility of alert messages.
  • Improve appearance and handling of messages with link previews.
  • Order search results by recency.
  • Improve appearance of @mentions in messages.
  • Ensure users who are removed from a room are disconnected from it immediately.
  • Ensure starting a Ping with someone moves their avatar to the front of the list.
  • Fix an issue where attempting to change a password on Safari caused the form to submit unexpectedly.
  • Fix an issue where Campfire join URLs displayed incorrectly in Apple Messages.
  • Add a copy permalink button to the message action menu.
  • Add download and share buttons to non-image attachments.


  • Improve handling and appearance of link previews in chat messages.
  • Fix an issue where replying to a message may cause a “Content missing” error to be displayed.
  • Restrict autocomplete responses to the rooms each user has access to.
  • Refine behaviour of message actions menu.
  • Upgrade Trix editor for better handling of autocorrected text.


  • Improve design for message actions popup menu.
  • Improve mobile chat layout.
  • Improve design for link previews to display longer excerpts and larger images.
  • Gracefully handle exceptions when generating embedded link previews. Fixes a crash when generating previews for links with invalid OpenGraph metadata.


Escape name in autocomplete user response. Fixes an XSS vulnerability in Campfire’s autocomplete handler.


Campfire goes live.


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