Campfire Testimonials

People really like Campfire — here’s what they’re saying.

Campfire brings back the joy of truly owning a piece of software. Our team has taken ownership of it, and I am delighted to no end that I can invite all stakeholders, clients, investors, and possibly even the broader community without paying tens of thousands of dollars in monthly fees. Eran Dror
Eran Dror
The real gem of Campfire is getting to pore over the very code crafted by the legendary Ruby on Rails pioneers, providing an invaluable glimpse into how these brilliant minds architect such an elegantly simple yet powerful team communication solution. Abdulrahman Alkaabi
Abdulrahman Alkaabi
I love the fact that I can run my own software. It feels really great. Campfire is simple to use and easy to admin. Goodbye Slack or Microsoft Teams, to name just a few. Well done 37signals! Karsten Luc
Karsten Luc
AKRYL Digital Agency
I’m a web developer, writing mostly React/Node.js every day. I also admire simplicity. For me, purchasing Campfire was worth it just so I’ll be able to see the code (even get a code walk with the authors!). Moshe Katz
Moshe Katz
Campfire is just what we need in our non-profit to help us co-ordinate the delivery team for live online courses. A one-time fee for unlimited users means we can increase participation without worrying about the costs, which really helps us execute our mission within the budget we have. Plus, it just works! Simon Coles
Simon Coles
The Better Conversations Foundation
Campfire is nicer, better, and more wholesome than every other chat product out there. But also very important to me: it’s fully customizable. I recently migrated my community of 5,000 people from Discord, and I’m ALL IN on Campfire now. Daniel Vassallo
Daniel Vassallo
Small Bets
Campfire isn’t just another tool — it’s a revelation. As someone passionate about understanding what makes great software tick, having access to Campfire’s full source code has been invaluable. It’s like being given the keys to a world-class workshop, where I can dissect and learn from the craftsmanship behind every line of code. Zames Chew
Zames Chew
Thank you for the amazing work that the team at 37signals has brought! I hope more companies take this inspiration to also focus more on products rather than having everything being a subscription. Jazil
It’s so incredibly refreshing to see software which you can just buy. You can look under the hood, tweak it, and don’t have to worry about subscription creep or costs per users. We love Campfire and have managed to completely migrate off of MS Teams and onto Campfire, giving us greater control of our data and also allowing us to easily invite in outside collaborators. Julian Engel
Julian Engel
The Codeero Group
Don’t really need a chat tool right now, but to read the source code of a production Rails app, written by a world-class development team at 37signals and David Heinemeier Hansson himself, is a really fantastic deal. Akshay Khot
Akshay Khot
I bought Campfire for learning Ruby on Rails and I learned a lot through the code base. What a great way to learn Rails. Epona

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